Faith Education Action and Service Together

Progressive Christian Ministry at UCSC

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What makes FEAST unique

Monthly Bible Study

FEAST aims to create a safe space to discuss, challenge, and even question the Bible. There is always snacks and a lively, subversive Bible study. 

Social Justice

We believe that Jesus was an activist that believed in economic and racial justice. We partner with justice-minded organizations because that's what it looks like to build the Kingdom of God.

Open and Affirming

We are an open and affirming community where all people are welcome. At FEAST we understand that Jesus did not speak about queer identity but spoke out against oppression.


We are an open and affirming community where all people are welcome.

We are an ecumenical and progressive ministry dedicated to open-minded living, social justice and an emerging Christian faith.

We seek to follow Jesus by serving each other and our wider communities. We live out our faith missionally by working for social justice and positive change.

We welcome questioning and doubt as expressions of great faithfulness. We see in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ an extravagant welcome where people of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, creeds, sexual orientations and gender identities are celebrated and affirmed.

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"I love FEAST because it’s a community of young adults who seek to follow in their FAITH, EDUCATE themselves and others, ACT according to what Jesus would do, volunteer their time and energy through SERVICE, whilst all doing this work TOGETHER in the name of love. I love FEAST because it became the close knit church community I dearly missed once moving away from my own church family back at home to attend UCSC. I couldn’t have asked for a better community of like minded people sharing their struggles with the world and organized religion. I love FEAST because it was not only a safe place for anyone of any gender and sexual orientation, but also a place to ask questions and not feel judged. I love FEAST because it gave me a sense of hope for this troubled world we live in where some people choose to do bad things in the name of religion. I love FEAST because it showed me that 'justice is what love looks like in public'."

Paige Butzlaff

Former FEAST student leader

"FEAST showed me that it is possible to have progressive views and be Christian, and that really spoke to me. FEAST and progressive Christianity is the space I had been searching for my whole faith experience. I found a home, and real friends who didn’t judge me, and that is priceless. FEAST may be a small group but it has a huge positive impact on me and my life."

Maria Romero

FEAST Coordinator