Life Begins at Genesis

The book of Genesis is one of my favorites.  It’s weird and mystical and it runs through a ton of stories about a ton of people. Every culture has a creation story.  These days, evolution and the Big Bang Theory take the cake, but back before Darwin and the Scientific Revolution, people had a hard […]

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Veils and Walls

“Veils and Walls,” delivered 11.03.19 by Joliene Wade Gatlin at Peace United Church of Christ in Santa Cruz, CA Based on Hebrews 11:1-3, 12:1-2 This time of year is for the mystics among us. It’s a time of transition. Of seasons changing. Of falling leaves. Of misty mornings and early sundown. As the temperature changes, we […]

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What is Love?

Based on: John 21:15-19 Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden Sermon delivered August 25, 2019 by Joliene Wade Gatlin, MDIV at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Cruz, CA What is love? I think it’s a question we all grapple with throughout our lives.  What does love look like?  We all seem to understand there’s a […]

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Division in the Work of Peace

Based on: Luke 12:49-56 Delivered August 18, 2019 at Peace United Church of Christ in Santa Cruz, CA When Damien called me earlier this week and asked if I could fill in for him today, and after I said yes, I went to the lectionary. For those of you who don’t know, the lectionary is […]

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Follow the Light

Sermon delivered January 6, 2019 by Joliene Wade Gatlin, MDiv, at Peace United Church of Christ When I was younger, the only thing I really knew about Jesus was the manger story. My grandparents had the manger scene with little porcelain figures and a manger my grandfather had made of wood and newspaper. I knew […]

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Happy Christmas!

Christmas reminds us that hope can rise in darkness, from nothing.  Born “illegitimate” to refugees in poverty, he changed the story.  His life ripples through time in a way that continues to affect so many of us.  There is hope in the cold of winter, in the darkest times, in displacement, and in the muck.  […]

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Once upon a time, FEAST was a thing.  Then it was not a thing. It seemed like the end, but FEAST is a thing again! FEAST is being reinvigorated and I am excited to announce new programming and leadership. My name is Joliene Wade Gatlin.  I graduated from seminary in Berkeley in 2017 with a […]

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